½ Gallon Goal Digger Jug
½ Gallon Goal Digger Jug

½ Gallon Goal Digger Jug

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Gone are the days of the infamous partially emptied water bottles cluttering your nightstands and workspace. Our ½ Gallon Goal Digger Jugs are an easy way to stay motivated to reach your water intake goals. Light and durable, they are travel friendly and can be used at home, at the office or during workouts. Oh, you fancy? Add some fresh fruit and mint leaves to your water through the wide mouth opening for a little extra humph or you like it simple, just add ice. Either way our ½ Gallon Goal Digger Jug is perfect for meeting your hydration needs.

13x27 cm

BPA free plastic

Easy to clean

Wide mouth opening

64 ounce capacity

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