SFC Core Sliders
SFC Core Sliders
SFC Core Sliders
SFC Core Sliders
SFC Core Sliders

SFC Core Sliders

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Looking for a great way to intensify your full body workout? SFC Core Sliders help to strengthen your core muscles while improving your balance. Whether you are performing mountain climbers, skaters, sliding pushups or pikes, SFC Core Sliders will allow for low impact but effective physical training. Lightweight and portable, you can take your SFC Core Sliders anywhere you go ensuring you never miss a workout.

8.5mm x 180mm

ABS shock resistant plastic

Premium quality fabric

Anti-skidding lines

Elastic foam pad

Great for use on most floors


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Sweat Freak Co. understands the barriers women face when beginning and/or maintaining a regular fitness regimen. Starting a fitness journey can feel intimidating and impossible at times. We seek to build confidence, no matter your fitness level, and provide encouragement to assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals. No judgment. No pressure. Just Sweat. Forget the Rest.


Having the right fitness apparel and equipment can can elevate your training to the next level. Sweat Freak Co. provides quality products that are comfortable, supportive and fashionable. Wear them to the gym or out and about, either way, our apparel meets your needs.