Sweat Freak Co. was established in 2020 by Fitness Trainer, Tamesia (TK) Talley. Health and fitness has always been an important part of her life, however, she, as many other women, faced several limiting factors in her quest to lead a healthy life including depression and anxiety stemming from an ever-fluctuating weight.
Recognizing the barriers women face, TK wished to create a space to guide the everyday woman along their fitness journey, while creating a community of support where women can share real life experiences without judgement and with reassurance. That desire resulted in the creation of Sweat Freak Co., a one stop shop for all things health and fitness.
Sweat Freak Co. provides fitness equipment and accessories, apparel, training/coaching, and meal plans which helps to eliminate barriers to success and saves time for other aspects of life. In addition to providing the tools to reach health and fitness goals, Sweat Freak Co. provides a community of support to empower women to reach their highest potential.
Whether she is a student working on obtaining a degree, an entrepreneur on the go, a new mother struggling to find time for self-care or an established working woman with a family and career, Sweat Freak Co. provides her with all she needs to accomplish her health and fitness goals.